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  • Who Can Help in the Homebuying Process?

    7th November 2017

    Who Can Help in the Homebuying Process?



    There are a number of people involved in the different stages of the homebuying process. Sometimes it is clear what their role is, other times it is less so. So, who do you have to interact with and what do they have to do?


    Mortgage Lender – “The Provider”

    If you are getting a mortgage, the mortgage lender is the provider. Providing you funds allows you to purchase the property. They will interact with your conveyancer to ensure the property purchase meets their loan agreement terms.


    Conveyancer – “The Facilitator”

    Your conveyancer facilitates the transaction by ensuring all legal information is provided on time to the relevant parties and that you are in a position to exchange contracts and provide funds. They can only liaise with your seller’s conveyancer based on conveyancing regulations. They cannot speak with other conveyancers within a chain.


    Surveyor – “The Informer”

    Your surveyor informs you on the true condition of the property via a Condition Report, Homebuyer Report or Building Survey. They advise and help you to ensure you know exactly what you are committing to buy. Get quotes and buy now.


    Estate Agent – “The Coordinator”

    Your estate agent acts as the coordinator in the transaction. They liaise between you and the seller to agree offers, set exchange and completion dates and so on. However, they also must coordinate between the different parties in a chain (such as conveyancers, other estate agents etc) to coordinate a completion date for the whole chain. Don’t forget, whilst your estate agent may endeavour to provide you a very good service, they are ultimately working for and paid by the seller.


    By understanding what each party can and can’t do, you can get an idea of what you can expect from each person and ensure you speak to the right person at each point.