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  • Who are the RPSA?

    8th February 2019

    Who are the RPSA?

    The RPSA stands for the Residential Property Surveyors Association.

    The Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) is a representative body for independent specialist residential surveyors who are the industry’s leading specialists in reporting on the condition of residential properties on behalf of home buyers. The RPSA is dedicated to helping its members deliver a range of high quality survey products, helping consumers at the time they are making one of the biggest investments of their lives.

    Members may be solely part of RPSA or may also be RICS members that have joined the association. All RPSA members are audited each year on the quality of reports to both ensure high quality standards are being met.


    RPSA members offer two types of survey:

    The Home Condition Survey (HCS) is a survey that is suitable for all property types as it includes a full inspection and a comprehensive report. This is a level 2 report that is equivalent in detail to a Homebuyer Report.

    • Clear colour coded condition ratings for quick identification of the important issues
    • Multiple photographs and diagrams, helping you understand your new home
    • A jargon-free report that avoids many of the annoying caveats and exclusions often found in home buyer reports
    • An industry-leading review process to ensure high quality and value for money
    • A full debrief from the surveyor who will answer any questions you may have

    View an example report


    A Building Survey (often referred to as a Full or Structural Survey) is the highest level of non-invasive survey that surveyors usually carry out during the home-buying process. It is suitable for all properties but is often most applicable for older or more unusual properties, or properties where problems are suspected. This is a level 3 survey that is equivalent to a RICS Building Survey.

    • A thorough review of the property and its condition
    • Clear and jargon-free advice about repairs and ongoing maintenance
    • A value for money service designed to answer your questions

    View an example report