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  • Surveyors Near Me - The Customer Journey

    Enter Property Details

    Fill in your details about the house you want surveying
    1. Select which type of survey you want such as a Valuation, Condition Report, Homebuyers Report, Building Survey or a more specific report. Not sure which home survey you need? Take our short questionnaire
    2. Enter the details about the property you are getting surveyed
    3. Select the latest date you need your survey report back from Surveyors Near Me

    Compare Quotes

    A list of surveyors for you to choose from

    Surveyors Near Me provide you a range of quotes from local, independent RPSA and RICS Surveyors to the property you are buying. Some quotes will be provided instantly and in other cases our surveyors will provide a more bespoke quote based on the type, price and condition of property you are having surveyed.

    Compare the price, turnaround times, reviews, years of experience and profiles of each surveyor to help you decide which surveyor to use. Unsure which survey or surveyor to choose? Contact us and we can advise or organise!

    Purchase Your Survey

    Choose a surveyor and then pay

    Once you have compared all quotes and surveyors near you, choose the one you want to instruct to carry out your inspection and report and pay securely online. When making the purchase you will be asked to confirm you accept your chosen surveyors terms of engagement. When making your survey purchase you enter into a direct contract with your surveyor and they will receive your contact details to allow them to get in touch.

    All our surveyors are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) and independent of your seller and estate agent ensuring you receive impartial advice.

    Track Progress & Receive Report

    Your survey results

    After making a purchase you can track the progress of your report in your Surveyors Near Me dashboard from the surveyor accepting your instruction to the inspection being carried out to viewing your survey report. You can login 24/7 to check your tracker and see how your survey is getting on.

    We only provide payment to your surveyor once the final report is uploaded to your account so you can purchase a survey knowing your payment is safe.

    Decide Your Next Steps

    You’ve received your survey through Surveyors Near Me, had a chance to read through it and may have asked your surveyor any questions that you have. So, what next?

    Buy with Confidence – hopefully your RICS Survey or RPSA Report came back confirming everything was ok giving you the peace of mind to go ahead and exchange contracts

    Renegotiate with justification – your survey may have flagged up some factors that need to be taken into consideration before you commit to purchase. You may be able to discuss the issues highlighted with the vendor and establish a new purchase price that reflects any works that are required or ask the vendor to have repairs carried out.

    Walk away content – it is never easy to walk away from a property you really want to buy. However, in the event that some more serious defects have come to light that you don’t want to have to put right you can choose to walk away from the table. Your offer is not legally binding until you exchange contracts so you can look for an alternative property and be glad you managed to avoid a problem purchase.