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  • Step 1b - Finding Houses for Sale: Property Search and Viewings

    3rd October 2017


    Searching for houses for sale is usually the most fun part of the process. The whole point of the process is finding a house to buy. But this is where many homebuyers rush and don’t take the time to consider some very key points which will inform your offer and make sure you enjoy the house you will be buying. The average viewing lasts only 8-10 minutes – why spend so little time inspecting the property when you will be living there for so long with anything you miss?! Check out our viewing checklist to make sure you cover all the key bases.


    Ways to search:

    • Property portals allow you to quickly see what is listed on the market. Well known examples are Rightmove and Zoopla.
    • Estate agents – whilst listed on property portals they sometimes have properties that they are selling ‘off market’ at the sellers request.
    • Auctions can be a good way to by a property and if you secure the winning bid you will walk away as the owner. Learn more about buying at auction.
    • Property Sourcers: a less common approach but property sourcers scout the market for you looking for houses that meet your budget and requirements and can sometimes find deals that save you more than the sourcer cost you.
    • Newspapers – the local and national newspapers also have adverts of properties for sale. You might find something here that is listed privately rather than through an estate agent.


    Set Criteria / Budget: 

    You know your budget from the last stage. To narrow down relevant properties further you need to know what you want from a property. This includes factors such as:

    • Size
    • Location
    • Neighbourhood
    • Investment potential
    • Garden
    • Local amenities



    When you have created an initial shortlist of properties to view, contact the estate agents or vendors who have listed them. The first viewing can be kept simple – are your core criteria met and do you like it? You have to live there after all!


    Second Viewings:

    If you have decided you like a property then see it again. Take our viewing checklist to make sure you check all the major points that will affect your enjoyment of the property and ongoing budget once you move in. You don’t want to move in to realise the water pressure is terrible or that there is nowhere to park at night.


    Once you’ve found the place you want, find out how to make an offer or go back to Budget.


    Progress: 22% complete



    Average viewing time – Prime Location https://www.primelocation.com/discover/selling/how-to-sell-a-house/part-four/#gyhGIr3JJs4iFkfT.97