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  • Homebuyer Report or Building Survey?

    3rd October 2017

    Homebuyer Report or Building Survey?

    The video is produced by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and simply explains which property types each survey is suited to.


    You need to choose the right type of survey for the property for it to be beneficial to you. If you get a survey that is too basic for the property you won’t get the level of detail in the report that allows you to make a truly informed decision and it won’t be money well spent.


    Level 1 Condition Report – suitable for fairly new, conventional and straightforward properties.

    Level 2 Homebuyer Report – suitable for relatively new (50 – 80 years old), fairly standard properties that may need some attention

    Level 3 Building Survey – suitable for big, old, complicated, or listed properties as well as those in need of renovation.


    The links above provide a more detailed breakdown of what you can expect from each home survey. If you’re still unsure about which survey is right for you then take our interactive questionnaire to give you some guidance.