Can I Attend My Survey?

Most surveyors will agree to spend some time at the property with you as part of a building survey or homebuyer report inspection. If this is important to you then do double check with your surveyor before booking as some may charge extra due to the extra time required at the property.


Does it matter what time I arrive during the survey?

If you are going to meet your surveyor at the property, we suggest that you arrange to meet them towards the end of the inspection. If you arrive at the beginning your surveyor will not have had any time to go around the property and won’t have anything of real value to tell you. Arriving at the start makes sense if there is anything you want to highlight ahead of the inspection.

If you are there throughout the inspection asking questions about everything your surveyor is looking at or doing it may ultimately distract them from being able to fully focus on the job and being able to provide you the most accurate analysis of the property possible.

By arriving towards the end, or catching up at the end if you met at the start, your surveyor can walk you around the property explaining what they have found and what they believe to be the causes.


Will they answer all my questions on site?

Hopefully, but sometimes your surveyor may need to go back to the office, look back through photos, analyse and piece together all their findings and notes in order to provide a solid answer. This may also be partnered with research for cost estimates or advice where included in the report.


Do I need to go the property with my surveyor?

Not really. Your surveyor will provide a comprehensive report outlining their findings and will have taken photos. There will be photos in the report and often more can be requested as they will take many whilst at the property. The report will outline everything there is to know and anything you don’t understand you can usually discuss with your surveyor on the phone after reading through.