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    25th February 2019

    Buy-to-Let Survey

    Is a property survey just for those looking to buy a house to live in? Yes and no. Why do you get a survey? The core reason is to check that the property is a sound investment and a fair price for its condition. But as a landlord this information alone is limited in benefit.

    As a landlord you also are required to ensure their homes are fit for habitation, at the beginning of a tenancy, and throughout under the The Homes (Fitness for Habitation) Bill (2019). There are a whole host of additional factors you need to consider as a landlord when purchasing a house. The RPSA Buy-to-Let survey provides you information not just on the construction and condition of a house (as in a regular survey) but also considers how this will affect the way tenants will live within it. There are clearly strongly linked and influences the comfort and safety of tenants.


    Features of the Buy-to-Let Survey:

    All of the features of a Home Condition Survey plus…

    • A review of the 29 potential hazard profiles listed under the Housing Health & Safety Rating System (used by local authorities to prosecute landlords in the Private Rented Sector).
    • A Decent & Safe Homes (DASH) report that highlights health and safety deficiencies, allowing you to put them right before you get a complaint
    • Cross-referencing of health and safety issues with relevant descriptions of property condition.
    • Compiled by a specialist residential surveyor who was undergone specific training to deliver this unique product.


    Benefits of the Buy-to-Let Survey:

    Fines for infringement of regulations can exceed £30,000, so it’s essential to ensure your property is well maintained and safe. Before committing to the purchase of a new buy-to-let property you can instruct a surveyor to review the suitability of the property for rental and your investment level. It is the simplest way to get the full picture about your next residential investment property and to ensure you comply with more than 140 pieces of legislation and more than 400 regulations.


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