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    Who do we work with?

    We work in partnership with property professionals like you to provide your customers with the Right Survey from the Right Surveyor at the Right Price. But what does this mean?


    How do we provide quotes?

    Sign up for an agent account with Surveyors Near Me and we will provide you with a unique search form to provide to your customers. You can either embed this form onto your website allowing any customers that come across your site to obtain a range of quotes from local surveyors or you can email a direct link to your customers at the right stage in the process. Alternatively, you can submit the form on your customers behalf so all they need to do is login, review their quotes and instruct.

    Customer details are only provided to an instructed surveyor to prevent customers being bombarded with marketing emails. We may occasionally pass details on to a surveyor needing more information in order to provide a quote.

    For most searches you’ll get a mixture of instant and bespoke quotes. Our surveyors typically submit a manual quote within 24-48 hours. In some cases all customer quotes will be bespoke – this could be due to the cost of the property, its condition or one of several other factors.

    Customers can compare quotes and purchase at any point. From here they can sit back whilst the surveyor arranges access, inspects the property and writes up your report. Both you and the customer can track progress in your account. View the customer journey in more detail.


    The Benefits of a Survey with Surveyors Near Me

    Safe – All of our surveyors have been vetted so you know you are getting only the best surveyors. We interview each surveyor, review responsiveness to calls and emails, confirm they hold valid insurance and that they are a member of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) or the RPSA (Residential Property Surveyors Association).

    Simple – review quotes from several surveyors with one form saving several calls and hassle from follow up marketing from each firm. Pay via a secure online payment and track progress like you would when ordering shopping online.

    Convenient – get quotes, purchase and track the status of your survey 24/7 at your leisure. Provide information or respond to updates as and when it suits you.

    Independent – our independent surveyors are not linked to the sale of the property you are looking to buy. Therefore, the advice they provide you is impartial and reliable.


    Right Survey

    There are a range of RICS and RPSA Home Surveys your buyers can choose from whether it is a straightforward red book valuation, homebuyer report / home condition survey or a full structural building survey. If your customer needs help establishing the most appropriate survey for the property they are looking to buy, they can take our questionnaire.


    Right Surveyor

    We work with a large number of local RICS and RPSA accredited surveyors from across the country. We check each surveyor to ensure you are getting quotes from a quality local building surveyor, not just anyone. Each surveyor that appears in results will have highlighted to us that they cover the location of the property and the survey type you are looking for. We don’t cap the list of surveyors – you will see every local property surveyor we work with so you can easily compare.


    Right Price

    We do not call ourselves a price comparison site, only a comparison site. This is because it is not about who is the cheapest surveyor or the most expensive but which surveyor and report offer you the most value. We want to provide a comparison based on quality and price. We allow you to compare turnaround times, ratings and profiles so you can see the type of service you can expect from your surveyors. Whilst all RICS and RPSA surveyors will meet the minimum requirements for the survey, is that all you want? As with any service, you generally get what you pay for. A little bit extra can make all the difference with the value you receive.


    The Benefits of getting a RICS Home Survey

    As you will know you are getting a survey to tell you about the condition of the property you are looking to buy. But when you know its condition what does that really mean for you

    1. Buy with confidence – commit to exchange contracts knowing you are happy with the price you are paying based on the true condition the property is in

    2. Renegotiate with justification – discuss a new price with the vendor that is fair for the work that is required to rectify issues found and reflects the market value

    3. Walk away content – whilst never the ideal outcome, you can walk away from the property purchase knowing you have avoided having to invest time, money and effort beyond the level you would be comfortable with to carry out any reparation works


    See more about the homebuyer report and building survey to help you decide which one you need.