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  • 9 Checks to Make When Choosing a Surveyor

    25th January 2018

    9 Checks to Make When Choosing a Surveyor


    1. Who exactly will be handling your survey?

    We have a range of surveying firms we work with from individual surveyors to larger firms. The person you first contact may be the surveyor themselves or it may be someone in the team that helps get your survey booked in. Either way the surveyor that inspects your property and writes the report will be the one that is located near to the property you are purchasing. They will be able to answer any questions you have on the report. If you are dealing with a larger firm you may also have someone who can help provide updates when the surveyor is not available.


    2. Does the surveyor pick up the phone?

    Trying to get hold of a surveyor several times just to get a quote already spells trouble. If you struggle to make contact when looking to instruct a surveyor how easily you’ll be able to get through to them for advice on the report. As part of our vetting process we only work with surveyors and surveying firms that we ourselves have been able to contact easily. We felt if we struggled to get in contact with a surveyor, you would be unlikely to have a good experience.


    3. Do they reply to emails?

    Again, we have emailed and called all our surveyors. In order to sign up there are a couple of emails our surveying partners must respond to. If they don’t respond to us we don’t work with them because who says they’ll answer your questions?


    4. Where are they based?

    We work with both local and national firms. But whoever you choose a surveyor local to the area will survey your property to ensure they know what to look out for. In line with RICS guidelines our surveyors do not cover an area greater than 40 miles from their base location.


    5. Can you get hold of them outside of office hours?

    You can book a survey through our system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your surveyor will contact you to make any arrangements as soon as they are able. You’ll only need to be able to contact them if you have any questions with your report but, of course, you can contact them whenever you need for general advice or help. A lot of our surveyors will pick up emails outside of office hours if there are any issues.


    6. What is it likely to cost?

    Using our quote system you can see how much each surveyor charges that we work with in your area for fairly standard properties in reasonable condition. If you are looking to get a property surveyed that is in a poor condition, is listed or you need a particularly fast turn around (under a week) please contact us before purchasing and we can provide a more accurate quote and availability confirmation.


    7. What exactly will they will do?

    Your surveyor is like a GP. They will inspect all visible parts of the property that they can reasonably access (if a cupboard is rammed full of items they will not be able to inspect it – ask your vendor to ensure the surveyor can access all areas). Based on various symptoms they will be able to advise on issues they have found or believe to be present (e.g. very springy floors may be to do with damp floor joists). A surveyor cannot lift carpets where they aren’t loose, drill into walls or test specialist systems such as the electrics, gas or water. They can do a general visual inspection to advise on whether or not it has any obvious defects but for items such as this they will advise that a specialist is required to fully test all aspects. Your surveyor will focus on the structure and fabric of the building.


    8. Can they meet your timeline?

    Our surveyors post their average turnaround times on their profiles and many will offer a verbal report after the inspection before they get back to the office and review all their findings in detail. However, they can get busier and quieter periods like any business. If you have a particularly tight deadline that you need a final report for please contact us first and we can confirm your surveyors availability (provided they are able to gain access to the property via the vendor/estate agent).


    9. Do they have the right expertise?

    All our surveyors are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and must meet minimum requirements and hold valid professional indemnity insurance. They are also required to carry out further training each year to ensure their knowledge remains up to date.


    What else can we offer?

    On top of knowing that all our surveyors meet the criteria above, we offer a 24/7 purchase platform and guarantee your payment is protected. Your surveyor is only paid once you have received your report – no report, no fee. We also offer a simple tracker so you always know exactly what stage your survey is at helping you to keep your vendor or estate agent updated and your sale on track.